Soonah (34)


Deep in the forests, temples have been found. They are great structures, imposing and awe-inspiring. These structures have fallen into disrepair as time passes. But these structures are not the only remnants of a great civilization. A massive underground cavern houses the spiritual center of the Al’Tuath. This earthen temple is maintained and protected by an ancient order of monks, who date back beyond even the Al’Tuath’s memory.

Soonah was initiated into the order when he was a boy, along with eleven other children, as an offering from the Al’Tuath to the temple. There, Soonah became both a living weapon and a living library. All monks work to memorize the scrolls of the temple library, to ensure its survival in the case of catastrophe.

Three years ago, he was selected to be one of the monks sent from the temple to make contact with the Oaken Council. Such contact had been made in the past, but no real progress had been made. On their way, the band was ambushed by a hoard of enemies. The monks fought valiantly, but numbers overwhelmed their impressive skills. At the end of the fight, Soonah was dealt a great blow to the head. His attackers laughed as he stumbled about, crying out to his fallen comrades. On his knees, he reached out to one of the attackers, pleading, and clutched at its clothes. The attacker struck a final blow to Soonah, and left the poor man to die.

Three days later, a small village took in a broken and bloody traveler. He could hardly see the path, dried blood obstructing his view. As he walked into town, he mumbled nonsensically before falling down in the street. As the people attempted to help the man, they removed his blood- and mud-stained clothes, and tried to take a strip of cloth from the man’s hand. As soon as his fingers were being pried open, he woke in a rage and lashed out. The villagers wisely left that hand alone and went about nursing the man back to health.

Since his recovery, Soonah has often been seen looking at that cloth, with tears in his eyes. He has been wandering the land in search of…something. Even if he could speak the language, he would not be able to articulate what it was he was trying to find. Though he remembers almost nothing of his past, his body remembers the precise movements he learned as a child and perfected for years. His physical prowess allows him to find work with relative ease as a laborer, a guard, and even a street performer.

Soonah (34)

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