Trenton Blandish

Human Witch who specialieses in Enchantments


AC-11 HP- 5

Str-13 (1)
Dex- 13 (
Con- 8 (-1)
Int- 17 (3)
Wis- 10 (
Cha- 12 (+2)

Languages: Common, Goblin, Undercommon, Elven

Long Spear
No attack bonus
Dmg: 1D8+ Str Mod
Crit: x3
Has Brace and Reach

Buffed Skills
Appraise +4 Linguistics +4 Knowledge History +6
Bluff +3 Sense Motive +2 Knowledge Nature +6
Diplomacy +3 Spell Craft +6 Knowledge Planes +6
Fly +4 Use Magic Device +5
Heal +3 Craft (Alchemy) +11
Intimidate +5 Knowledge Arcana +6

Important Feats and Special Abilities

Spell Focus (Enchantment) Enchantment Spells get a +1 to DC Alertness +2 to Perception and Sense Motive if familiar is within reach Empathic Bond Has an empathic mental bond with familiar. Can sense basic feelings, not language. Range 1 mile Spell Usage 2 Level One Spells per day Unlimited use of 3 pre chosen cantrips per day

Spells Learned for the Day
Level 1
Sleep pg 344 (Used)
Mage Armor pg 306

Detect Magic pg 267
Daze Pg 264
Mending Pg 312

All Spells Learned
Evil Eye pg 66 advance players guid

Level 1 (Base Spell DC 14)
Sleep pg 344
Mage Armor Pg 306
Cure Light Wounds Pg 263
Hypnotism Pg 298
Inflict Light Wounds Pg 300
Command Pg 256

Cantrips Base Spell DC 13)
See page 70 Advanced Players Guide


Age 32 Lawful Neutral
Born in Ethestrya where he was raised as a servant in the House Alicornia.
At the age of 17 he was removed from servitude.
Since then he has been wandering, looking for other like himself and a place to call home.
He has a general distaste for the House Alicornia as they weren’t the fairest masters.

Trenton Blandish

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